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After we crafted our Vodka recipe, we went back to the drawing board and dreamed about all of the different ways we could mess with it. The logical next step was to transform our vodka into a flavorful gin - since gin is essentially vodka flavored with juniper berries and other botanicals.


We tinkered and toiled with the recipe but couldn't agree on anything because we all loved different botanicals.  We picked our favorites and pitted them against each other in blind head-to-head challenges. Over the long Wisconsin winter, we narrowed it down to the final six.



The juniper berry in all it’s glory is at the forefront of our gin recipe.  We let it shine as our frontman with the other botanicals lending it a little backup.  Lime zest, cucumber, coriander, orris and angelica root all add a little bit extra to round out the flavor.  Black Dot Gin goes great in a gimlet, a Tom Collins or a dirty martini.


We vapor-infuse our gin.  Starting off with vodka, we run it through our copper still with a gin basket.   Vapors from the spirit pass through the basket and extract flavors from the juniper berries and other botanicals.  Our vodka becomes gin as it picks up these flavors, giving the finished Black Dot Gin a lighter, more vibrant taste.

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